Know how to watch Netflix offline?

One of the most popular OTT platforms in the world is Netflix. The platform is getting stricter with the customers day by day. The best platform for watching movies, television serials and OTT series has subscribers all over the world. That number has crossed several crores long ago.

You can watch Netflix content offline. But first you need to download the favorite show or series. Then you can watch that content even without internet connection. As you probably know, to watch Netflix you must subscribe to the platform.

You can subscribe to Netflix on a monthly or yearly plan. You can download Netflix content on any Android, iOS device. However, Mac and recently updated Windows and Web versions cannot be downloaded.

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Downloaded movies and shows take up space on device storage. That means your phone must have enough storage. Downloads have an expiration date. Once a downloaded title has expired, you will need to download it again to view it.

Netflix has a feature called Smart Download Key. Once the feature is enabled, it automatically downloads episodes based on viewing. Once users watch the downloaded episode, it is automatically deleted and Netflix automatically downloads the next few episodes.

>> Open the Netflix app on your phone.
>> Launch the app and log in to your account.
>> Find the movie or show you want to download.
>> Tap on Download button.
>> Open the Netflix app to watch the downloaded video.
>> Watch videos downloaded from My Netflix.
>> From here you can delete the video after watching.

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Source: Times of India