Lament for embankment on Padmapara

Even a century ago Motaleb Madbar of Padmapar had 12 bigha of crop land. That land yields 80 maunds of paddy and 30 maunds of jute every year. In a word, he was a big householder. The family of 6 members could go safely with the money from the sale of the crops grown on his land. But that happiness did not last long. Today he is destitute after losing everything in the disaster of Padma coral. Now, as a last resort, he is living with his family on 40 percent of the land of a person named Hasem Hawladar for a rent of 20,000 taka per year.

However, due to the sudden increase in the water in the Padma, severe erosion has occurred in that area. He is anxiously waiting for it.

According to local and related sources, the Padma river flows along Pathaliakandi area, a remote area of ​​Jajira Union of Jajira Upazila of Shariatpur. Year after year, thousands of houses are destroyed by the raging of Padma. Only in the last 2 years, 1 km part of the village has gone under the river. Due to the increase in the water of Padma for the last 1 week, erosion has occurred again in that area. Several crops and houses went under the river.

Lament for embankment on Padmapara

Also hundreds more families of Pathaliakandi area are in fear of new erosion. However, the District Water Development Board has already started working to prevent erosion. 25,000 geo bags have been started across the 1 km section due to erosion.

According to the Shariatpur Water Development Board, the Water Development Board (PUBO) has undertaken a river protection project of 8.67 km in Jazira Upazila at a cost of Tk 860 crore to prevent long-term erosion of the Padma River. The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the project in October last year. Later on May 17 this year, the water development board started the construction of the dam. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 2026.

At present, CC block installation and geo bag dumping work is going on in various areas of Jazira Upazila East Naodoba, Paler Char, Bara Kandi and Jazira Union under the dam. According to the Water Development Board, 1,300 workers are working to complete the work of the project quickly.

Lament for embankment on Padmapara

It can be seen on the surface of Pathaliakandi area, the water level in Padma river has increased a lot. It has caused erosion in several places on the river bank. As a result of the erosion, several crop lands and homesteads in the Pathalia area have been washed away by the river. To prevent erosion, geo bags are being thrown in some places affected by river bank erosion.

Motaleb Madbar of Pathaliakandi wants a permanent embankment as soon as possible to prevent erosion of the Padma. He said, ‘I once had a lot of land in this area. I am now destitute. Before that, I lost everything and went to Cedarchar. Now staying next place in Pathalia Kandi area. Every year I have to pay land rent. Now the river has started breaking again. If it breaks again this time, there is no money to build a new house. I want a permanent embankment in this area as soon as possible.’

An old woman named Morjina Khatun made the same claim. He said, ‘Every year when the erosion starts, the government rips sacks, and those sacks go to waste. There is no limit to our suffering. We want to quickly reach the area.’

Lament for embankment on Padmapara

Yakub Ali, a local resident said, ‘There was a river two pipes away from Amago’s house even 15 days ago. It has been breaking for a few days and now it has come to the yard of the house. 600 people pass through my yard. If we don’t build a fence soon, next year my house will also go to Padma.

When asked, Sub-Assistant Engineer of District Water Development Board Suman Chandra Vanik said that erosion has occurred in several places in Pathaliakandi area in the last one week. We are dumping geo bags across one kilometer stretch to prevent erosion. In the meantime, 25,000 Jio bags have been dropped there.

Meanwhile, the District Water Development Board has informed about the quick completion of embankment construction work along with geo bag dumping in erosion prone areas.

Shariatpur Water Development Board Executive Engineer S. M Ahsan Habib said that the work of preserving 8.67 kilometers of river banks has started in Jazira upazila at a cost of 860 crore taka. Work is currently underway. However, erosion has started in some places during the monsoon season. We are placing and dumping geo bags at those places, which will continue. Later, when the work on the right bank of the river is completed under the project, the people of this side will be saved from the river erosion and the place will become a tourist center.

Bidhan Majumdar Ani/FA/JIM