Legal action on ‘missing child’ rumours: Police HQ

Recently, posts related to ‘missing children’ on social media have come to the attention of the police headquarters. Such posts regarding ‘missing children’ are mere rumours. If anyone spreads such rumours, legal action will be taken against them, said the police headquarters.

Superintendent of Police Inamul Haque Sagar of Media and Public Relations Department of Police Headquarters informed this information on Sunday (July 7) evening.

He said, Bangladesh Police is active against those spreading such rumors through social media. Request to all not to be confused or alarmed by such rumours. Legal action will be taken against anyone spreading rumours.

‘Breaking news! In the last 48 hours, 35 children have gone missing in Dhaka and Chittagong. Be careful.’ Facebook is a social media platform that loves such news. Such statuses are circulating on several big Facebook pages and groups. Thinking these statuses are true, many are sharing them again on their profiles. It has spread panic in the public mind. Parents are worried.

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  • ’35 children missing in 48 hours’ on Facebook, says police

On Saturday (July 6), information about the loss of children and teenagers kept floating on Facebook from various Facebook groups and personal IDs throughout the day. Most of it is spread from Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar district centered Facebook IDs.

It has been found out that these are just rumours. Those who lost were not home for hours. Some children went away to play with their friends.

Police say there is no reason to believe rumors on social media Facebook. Necessary action will be taken against those who are posting these facts as true.