Let the child spend his time in study and play

Children are the future of society and our precious resource. Their childhood joy and fearlessness, selfless love and genuine laughter make our world more beautiful. But sadly, too many children in the world spend this sweet time doing hard work. Today, June 12, is World Child Labor Day. This day is a reminder that many children around the world are still trapped in the cruel trap of child labour.

Child labor is a huge global problem that is particularly pronounced in developing countries. According to the 2021 International Labor Organization (ILO) report, there are approximately 160 million child laborers worldwide. Many of them are subjected to inhuman labor. It damages their physical and mental health. Driven by scarcity, these children are forced to work in factories, agricultural farms, domestic work, and even hazardous industries.

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Every child has the right to enjoy childhood through education and sports. Education plays an important role in the development of intelligence and talent of children. It prepares them for future, helps in building self-reliant and independent personality. On the other hand, sports are essential in the mental and physical development of children. Sports enhance children’s creativity, sociability and leadership qualities. Children involved in child labor are deprived of this basic right, which has a negative impact throughout their lives.

It is necessary to formulate and implement strict laws at the government level to prevent child labor. Also campaigns should be conducted to increase awareness among the society. Also common people should be informed about the harmful aspects of child labour. In particular, families should encourage their children’s education. In our country, many families send children to work due to economic problems. In this case, the government and NGOs should stand by the poor families.

Successful examples of child labor prevention can be seen in many countries around the world. Our country is also moving forward in this regard. For example, the NGO organization Ghasful BRAC and government support is imparting the light of education to the children of Mohammadpur Geneva Camp. As a result of this initiative, the rate of education of children among the families of Geneva camp has increased to some extent.

In this way, along with small initiatives, an active role should be taken in preventing child labor. Every child should be made aware of his/her rights. Education and play environment should be ensured. Together we can ensure a better future for children.

World Child Labor Day is an important occasion for all of us. It reminds us of our responsibility towards children. Children are our future. We must make every effort to ensure their right to safety, education and decent living. So let us all work together, so that every child can spend his childhood learning and playing.

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