Letter and gift to Sheikh Hasina from Japanese daughter who lost her father

Atsuko Tanaka, daughter of Japanese national Hiroshi Tanaka, who was killed in the terrorist attack at Holy Artisan in Gulshan on July 1, 2016, has sent an ‘Ikebana’ gift to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressing her love and gratitude.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received the gift at Ganabhaban on Thursday (July 4). Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister. Tofazzal Hossain Mia gave a gift and a letter written by Atsuko to the Prime Minister.

‘Ikebana’ is the aesthetic and artistic presentation of flowers, leaves, branches. Along with the beauty, there is a philosophical thought hidden behind the Japanese art.

In a letter of deep gratitude to the Prime Minister, Atsuko Tanaka wrote that this gift (ikebana) was made by her mother herself. It is a symbol of his gratitude and love for the Prime Minister.

He also hoped that the gift of flowers would bring peace to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

On July 1, 2016, 22 people, including 18 foreigners, were killed in a terrorist attack on Holy Artisan in Gulshan. Among the dead, 9 were from Italy, 7 from Japan, one Indian and 3 Bangladeshi nationals. One in three Bangladeshis had dual citizenship. Two police officers were also killed in the firing of terrorists that day.

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6 of the Japanese nationals were consultants for the Dhaka Metrorail project. Atsuko Tanaka’s father Hiroshi Tanaka is one of them.

Besides, five militants were killed in the commando operation conducted to rescue the hostages in Holy Artisan.

Atsuko Tanaka began her letter by wishing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina good health and heartily congratulated her on being elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the fourth consecutive term earlier this year.

Referring to Sheikh Hasina’s victory in the 12th national election, Atsuko said, “Your achievement is proof of the confidence of the people of Bangladesh in your leadership and your ‘vision’ for the future of Bangladesh.”

The Japanese daughter who lost her father also mentioned in the letter that she had come to Dhaka to attend the remembrance meeting held by Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) on July 3.

Atsuko Tanaka met the Prime Minister during his visit to Tokyo in 2019. He also recalled that the Prime Minister had sent him a letter.

Atsuko said, the letter you (Sheikh Hasina) sent is a great source of healing my heart. Said, My mother is a professional artist and she made it (ikebana) with her own hands.

Expressing hope that this gift of flowers will bring peace to the Prime Minister, he said that this gift is a token of his gratitude and love for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In the letter, he wished for the development, prosperity and lasting peace of Bangladesh.

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Atsuko expressed interest in ‘Peace Education’ in Bangladesh and said experts at a meeting at JICA’s Bangladesh office discussed how Bangladesh has incorporated ‘Peace Education’ into the curriculum. Mr. actively promotes this peace education in the curriculum. Atsuko said that Ichiguchi suggested holding a peace essay contest.

In the letter, he also said that the award-winning essay will be displayed in Dhaka Metro. This initiative will encourage students to engage in social service along with encouraging peace.

Tanaka also said that this article displayed in Dhaka Metro will soothe the souls of those killed in Holy Artisan like his father.

Atsuko concluded the letter by wishing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina success in all her endeavors.