Letter came for DNA, going to Calcutta soon to give sample: Doreen

Kolkata CID has sent a letter to Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen, daughter of MP Anwarul Azim Anar. Calcutta CID has sent a letter to Doreen to provide samples for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) test in connection with recovery of body parts. He will go to Kolkata soon.

Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen, daughter of Anar, told Jago News this information on Saturday (July 6) afternoon.

He said that the CID of Kolkata has sent a letter to those who are going to give DNA test samples. The letter came to Bangladesh. I and my uncle (Anar’s brother) are going to Kolkata very soon.

Earlier, the public representatives of Kaliganj Upazila formed a human chain at the National Press Club to demand maximum punishment for the planners, financiers and killers of Parliament Member Anwarul Azim Anna.

Doreen said in the human chain, “I want to hang everyone who is involved in my father’s murder.” I lost my father, I will never get my father back. Many are in jail, many are out, they are alive but my father will never come back. Even if all the accused are hanged, I will not get my father back.

He said, the way my father was killed is the most brutal murder in the history of the world. We want the maximum punishment for all the master planners, financiers, killers and concealers of the murder.

The brutal killing of a popular member of parliament is the first in world history. Doreen demanded that a new precedent be set in history by giving maximum punishment to the accused.

Mpiknya said, I spoke to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is with me. He is my only guardian. He told me, ‘The investigation will be like an investigation. Maximum punishment will be ensured for all. I trust the Prime Minister, my only guardian, Mamtamayee Ma, will prosecute this murder. Because he knows the pain of losing a father better than I do.

Letter arrived for DNA, will be going to Calcutta soon to give samples: Doreen

He said, seven people who were on the killing mission have been arrested. Till now Aktaruzzaman Shaheen is absconding. The help of Interpol has been taken to bring him back. I heard about two leaders of Jhenaidah district Awami League, they have been arrested. Those who have been arrested in the meantime have been arrested subject to sufficient investigation.

In response to the question whether the killing was due to an internal political conflict or some other issue, Dorin said, there is definitely an internal political conflict. Two leaders of Jhenaidah district Awami League have been arrested. Why were they arrested?

Doreen said in the human bond that the main killer Shimul Bhuiyan told the court about Saidul Karim Mintu and Gas Babu in the statement under section 164. This gas babu also went to the court and spoke about Mintu. They have been arrested because they are related.

Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen also said, Saidul Karim Mintu and Gas Babu came to console me. But they hid the information about my father’s murder. Concealment of information is also a crime. The sign has been destroyed. This is also a crime.