Location of students at gate number 2 intersection of Chittagong city, road blockade

Students have blocked roads in Chittagong demanding reform of quota system in government jobs and retention of merit-based recruitment circular. On Sunday (July 7) around 3 pm, the students gathered at the city’s Sholashar station and took a position at the gate number two intersection of the city.

Apart from Chittagong University, students from Chittagong College, Mohsin College, City College and other colleges of Chittagong attended. Oxygen, Bahaddarhat, Chawkbazar and Newmarket roads were completely blocked.

Meanwhile, the students have canceled the quota system in government jobs announced in 2018 and upheld the merit-based recruitment circular, subject to the upholding of this circular, forming a commission to quickly remove unreasonable and discriminatory quotas in government jobs (all grades), the quota facility cannot be used more than once in the government job recruitment examination. And if qualified candidates are not found in the quota, they demanded effective recruitment to vacant posts based on merit and to ensure a corruption-free, impartial and merit-based bureaucracy.

Anti-quota movement, students stay at gate number 2 intersection of Chittagong city, road blockade

A student named Nabil Mahmud, who came to the movement, said, “If necessary, I will stay on the street.” But our movement will not stop without canceling the quota. If the quota is maintained, it will be the biggest inequality of the time. We will give life, but we will not accept discrimination.

Swaib Hasan, a student of Chittagong College, said, “We have come to the streets to get our just demands. I will not return home without fulfilling the demand. If the talent is not evaluated properly, then talent will be smuggled out of the country. Just as we will be affected by this, our country will also be affected.

Ahmed Junaid/RH/JIM