Madaripur egg market held hostage by the syndicate

Madaripur egg market held hostage by syndicate of two egg traders. The price of eggs has been increased from Tk 12 to Tk 15 recently by syndicated by showing artificial crisis in the district. The egg market is held hostage in the hands of only these two traders across the district. This angered ordinary buyers.

It is known from the related sources that although enough eggs are stored in Madaripur, the prices of eggs are increased by leaps and bounds due to artificial crisis. Recently, the price of eggs has increased by Tk 12-15 in the last one month. Madaripur cold storage is inside the city’s basic industrial city. As there is enough space available, the traders started stocking eggs from March.

Complaints are received that local egg traders Shahidul Islam and Jahangir Kazi, two businessmen keep the whole egg market unstable. Syndicate and increase the price by keeping the eggs stocked in the freezer. Moreover, since there is no such farm in the district, the egg traders increase the price of eggs as they wish.

According to related sources, on May 14 of this year, Jannatul Ferdous, assistant director of Madaripur district of National Directorate of Consumer Protection, conducted a raid on Madaripur’s cold store. Meanwhile, 650,000 eggs were found stored in the freezer.

Meanwhile, artificial egg shortage in the market has increased the price of eggs. For that crime, two businessmen named Shahidul Islam and Jahangir Kazi were fined 15,000 taka and given a condition to vacate the cold store and sell it within two days. Still, the price of eggs in Madaripur is not decreasing. A Hali Farm’s chicken eggs are being sold wholesale for Tk 45 to Tk 50. Which is being sold at 55-60 taka when it reaches the retail level.

Madaripur egg market held hostage by the syndicate

Puranbazar egg buyer Afzal Hossain said that the price of eggs has suddenly increased. Due to this, common buyers are now in danger. The price of fish and meat is high, now the price of eggs is also high. Suddenly the price of eggs increased from 10 to 15 rupees. If the price increases like this, how can we ordinary people buy and eat eggs?

Shafiq Hossain, a retail egg trader in the 2nd Shakuni area of ​​the city, said that a syndicate is running in the egg market. Big traders increase the price of eggs by storing eggs in cold storage. We also have to buy eggs at a higher price. So eggs have to be sold at a higher price.

Shahidul Islam, an egg trader accused of syndicate, said that there is no egg farm anywhere in Madaripur district. These eggs have to be bought from other districts. In that case the cost is high. So the price goes up. Currently the demand for eggs is high but the supply is low. So the price has increased a little. If enough eggs are available in the market, this crisis will no longer exist.

Madaripur egg market held hostage by the syndicate

Madaripur District Livestock Officer Subod Kumar Das said, there is a demand of more than one and a half lakh eggs in Madaripur district every day.

Jannatul Ferdous, Madaripur assistant director of the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, said that the traders will be brought under the law if the allegations of egg storage in Madaripur are proved. It is not right to increase the price of eggs by illegally storing them. If complaints are received, action will be taken against the dishonest through mobile courts.