Malaysia sent back 12 Bangladeshis after the sentence

Malaysia sent back 191 prisoners, including Bangladeshis, who were detained at various times. The immigration department of the country’s Johor state said they were sent home after completing their sentences.

The state’s Immigration Department said in a statement on July 5 that 95 Indonesians, 84 Myanmarese and 12 Bangladeshi detainees were repatriated directly from the Pekan Nenas Immigration Detention Center between July 2 and 4 through Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal.

Malaysia sent back 12 Bangladeshis after the sentence

After serving sentences for various offenses under the Malaysian Immigration Act and Immigration Regulations 1963 as well as other enforcement agency laws, Akash was repatriated by air and land at his own expense after obtaining citizenship verification passes from their respective national embassies.

They were also blacklisted so that they could not re-enter Malaysia.