Man United finally extended the contract with Ten Hoag

After many dramas, Manchester United has finally extended the contract with coach Eric ten Haag. As a new contract, he will serve the club until 2026. Manchester United have finalized the extension of Ten Hoag’s contract on Thursday.

Man United had the worst performance in their history in the English Premier League last season. They finished the season eighth in the table. That’s why the club decided to fire coach Eric ten Haag. But in the end, the club authorities withdrew from that decision.

However, Ten Haag showed a great surprise immediately after the end of the Premier League season. Man Uk won the FA Cup title by defeating city rivals Manchester City.

Ten Haag said that if he is not kept in Man United, he will win the title by going to another club.

Ten Haag has finally broken with the authorities of Manchester United. That’s why the club signed him to a new contract.