Marriage in India is a $130 billion business

After the corona pandemic, the wedding industry in India has turned around a lot. Today, the industry is a $130 billion business, twice the size of the United States. Although still smaller than China. Such a picture emerges in the latest data published by Jefferies.

According to Jefferies, Indians love to spend on weddings. Those who have money are more generous.

An average wedding in India costs $15,000, which is three times the annual household income.

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Marriage is an expensive affair for any country. But in India it is given special importance. Because it shows power and dignity.

In South Asia, parents usually spend a large portion of their income on their children’s marriage. Now such events are happening on a much larger scale. It also has a relationship with India’s economic growth.

Seema Taparia, a marriage consultant, said that the Indian wedding industry has undergone major changes in the last decade.

Grand weddings have become commonplace in the country. Especially the wealthy. Some weddings are organized abroad and in some cases big stars are invited.

Aditya Motwane, event planner, said, “Wedding in India is a powerhouse of communication, relationships and wealth.” All kinds of famous people are invited in such events.

Wedding ceremonies in the country last for several days. It has an average of 326 guests. In the United States, this number is 115 people.

This number of guests is more in the wedding ceremony of the rich. At least 1,200 domestic and foreign guests were invited to Ambani’s son’s pre-wedding party in March. It was attended by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

India will be the third largest economy in the world by 2027. As a result, expensive wedding arrangements are expected to increase.

Source: CNN