Martinez does not want to face a tiebreaker in the Copa

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was one of Argentina’s best performers at the World Cup after a dreamlike 2021 Copa America tournament.

In the 2021 Copa for the first time, he won the historic tiebreaker against Colombia in the semi-finals and took the team to the final. In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, this Aston Villa goalkeeper led Argentina to victory in the tiebreaker against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals and France in the final.

However, Martinez does not want to face any tiebreaker immediately.

In a recent interview with the Argentine sports media ‘TOIC Sports’, Martinez said, ‘In a tiebreaker, your teammates can either believe you or kill you. But the worst situation is that they will all want to kill you. Hopefully we won’t have to face tiebreakers again in the Copa America. We have won many matches with it.’

Martinez also expressed the opinion that this is going to be a more difficult tournament than the previous Copa America.

Martinez said, ‘This tournament is going to be very difficult than last time. The venues here are tough to play. On top of that you have to travel every three days. The weather is also hot. We know it’s tough to win every match here. Everyone wants to beat you. But our aim is to play in the final and beat any team.’