‘Mayurakshi’ on single screen

Filmmaker Rashid Palash’s ‘Mayurakshi’ movie was released in the country’s Cineplex on Eid. After its release, the movie was praised by movie lovers and critics. It is already known that ‘Mayurakshi’ will be seen on single screens in the country from tomorrow (July 5).

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According to Rashid Palash, I want to release this movie in some quality single screens of the country; So that the audience can enjoy the movie in a nice environment. Keeping in mind that film lovers of the country can watch the movie in a better environment, our team has released Cineplex on Eid. It is planned to release in a single screen in Bhola district this week. The atmosphere of this theater is good. The audience can enjoy the movie in a beautiful environment. Next week ‘Mayurakshi’ will be released in around 12 more single screens.

'Mayurakshi' on single screenProducer Rashid Palash with the poster of the movie. Photo: From Facebook

Actress Yamin Haque Bobby and Sudeep Biswas Dweep have acted together in the movie ‘Mayurakshi’. Gholam Rabbani has written the story and screenplay of ‘Mayurakshi’ based on the true story of love and deception.

Sadia Mahi, Sumit Sengupta, Farzana Pichar, Samu Chowdhury, Deepak Suman, Pranab Ghosh, Sabina Punthi, Farooq, Muheen Khan and many others also acted in the romantic thriller style movie.

The music of the movie is directed by Zahid Nirab. Sung by Muheen Khan, Purnatha, Tarsa, Zahid Nirab and Shakila Saki.