Memorandum to Prime Minister demanding delay of HSC exam by 2 months

Some students have submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina demanding the postponement of the HSC and equivalent examinations to be started from June 30. Due to the flood situation in different districts of the country, they demanded to postpone the HSC examination by two months.

On Tuesday (June 25) at noon, students of Dhanmondi Ideal College, under the leadership of Maisha Mahfuz Sneha, presented the memorandum at the Prime Minister’s office in Tejgaon of the capital.

In the memorandum, the students mentioned that more than 1.5 million people have been trapped in water due to heavy rains and landslides in Sylhet, Sunamganj and Moulvibazar. In addition, the Teesta water has increased and flooded the lower areas of the northern region. At least 50 villages of Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar have been flooded due to heavy rains. Sylhet has been affected by the second round of floods. The waters of all the rivers of this region, including the Surma-Kushiara, are flowing over the border.

Students mentioned that 489 schools were flooded in Sylhet in the second phase. Among them, shelters have been opened for flood victims in 226 schools. 259 schools have been affected by floods in Sunamganj district. Among them, 148 schools are being used as shelters. Medical services are being disrupted due to rising flood water in three upazila health complexes. Due to several days of heavy rain, the water level of various rivers of Chittagong region has risen and flooded Teknaf. Besides these, the flood situation of Mymensingh division is also deteriorating. Rangpur-Kurigram region is also affected by severe floods.

They also wrote, among the HSC examinees whose houses have been damaged or their books and notebooks have been soaked in floods, how will they take part in an important examination of life in this disastrous environment? Again, there is no electricity in the flood-affected areas during most of the day and night. Due to the lack of electricity, even sitting down to read after evening has become impossible. How will the flood victims prepare for the exam in such a dire situation?

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In the meantime, Sylhet Board students’ exam has been delayed by only 9 days. Is it possible to rehabilitate them in these 9 days? During this monsoon season of Bangladesh, large areas are repeatedly flooded. If there is another flood during the test, their situation will be worse.’

The students also mentioned that the students have to enter the admission war after completing the HSC. Last year the Chittagong board exam was delayed by 10 days. But medical and university entrance exams are not delayed. Along with all the boards, the backward students of the board in Chittagong give the admission test. In this situation, students will naturally lag behind mentally. As the admission preparations are started much later than the rest, there is a huge danger of many losing their dreams due to mental stress.

In the memorandum, they said, everyone belongs to the same education system. Everyone deserves a level playing field. Therefore, I request the Prime Minister to consider the matter to postpone not only the flood-affected areas, but all board exams by 2 months (until after the flood season).

When asked about the postponement of the examination in view of the demands of the students, Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee President Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar said that such demands of the students are baseless. There is no justification for accepting it. There is no possibility of postponing the exam. The board and the education ministry have completed all preparations to start the examination from June 30. Students should focus on their studies without wasting time.

This year’s HSC and equivalent exams will start from June 30. This time, 9 common and Madrasa and technical boards together total 14 lakh 50 thousand 790 candidates. Among them 88 thousand 76 candidates in Madrasa Board and 2 lakh 34 thousand 433 candidates in Technical Board.

Due to the flood situation, the Sylhet Education Board, Madrasa Board and Technical Board in the districts of Sylhet Division have postponed the Alim and HSC (BM/BMT) examinations till July 8. However, the examination of other 8 General Boards and other regions of Madrasa and Technical Boards will start from June 30 as usual.