Merino brought back his father’s 33-year memory by scoring in Stuttgart

Coincidence seems to happen more often with football. This has happened many times before. Dad is scoring goals in a way, so is his son after many years. Many people have also been seen celebrating similar to the goal celebration of a legend. However, what happened to Mikel Merino in Spain is unbelievable.

Spain was tied 1-1 in extra time against Germany. Merino came on as a replacement for Nico Williams. Just as everyone was gearing up for the tiebreaker, the Real Sociedad star’s stunning 120-minute goal gave Spain an incredible last minute win in La Liga.

Merino is seen celebrating by going in front of the corner flag after scoring. And this is the memory of 33 years ago.

Merino’s father Miguel Merino was also a footballer. Played in Spanish La Liga club. In 1991, he celebrated one such goal by scoring a goal in a Europa Cup match for Spanish club Osasuna. Just what? Father Merino scored that goal against them at the stadium in Stuttgart. Son Mikel Merino scored in the same stadium.

The most surprising thing is that in 1991, Alexandra Johnson was in the Spanish TV commentary. He was also on the Spanish commentary during Mikel Marino’s goal. So many fairs are probably possible because of football.