Messi was angry with Panenka at the suggestion of Martinez

Lionel Messi missed a penalty in the quarter-finals of the Copa America. Messi also missed the penalty in the tiebreaker in the 2016 Copa final. He missed both penalties in the United States.

Messi was consulting with Emiliano Martinez and Rulli about taking the penalty before going into the tiebreaker. After consulting them, Panenka took the shot and missed. Miss Messi was very angry.

In an immediate reaction after the match, Messi said, “I was very angry. I made the decision to take that penalty. I talked to Amy Martinez and Jeronimo Rulli. I took that penalty before. I didn’t practice it but I talked to them. I Scored a couple of cross shots before; especially the goalkeepers dived on the cross shot. I tried it but it went over the top.”

Despite being furious at missing a penalty on Martinez’s advice, Messi knew that having Emi down in goal was an added advantage.

Messi said of Emiliano Martínez, “I knew Dibu was waiting for this moment. He’s going to be a legend. He’s also incomparable under the goal. He’s very quick. We had faith in him. Even joking with Martínez before the match, if If we go to penalties, we can stay clean.