Method of planting guava tree

Guava is a popular fruit of Bangladesh. This fruit is available all over the country during the monsoon season. Sowing time of guava tree is May-September or Mid Baisakh-Mid Ashwin. It is important to plant seedlings or seeds of guava trees in the current season.

Make holes 60 cm in size on all sides. Planting distance can be 3-6 m × 3-6 m. The amount of manure in the pit will be 10-15 kg of rotted dung or compost, 250 g of TSP and 250 g of potash fertilizer should be mixed with the soil of the pit. This should be kept for 10-15 days. After application of fertilizer, the hole should be filled and kept for 10-15 days.

Planting seedlings or cuttings

May to September is the best time. However, if there is irrigation system, it can be planted throughout the year. After 10-15 days of filling the hole, the soil should be turned over and the hole should be dug again. First the polythene should be carefully torn. At this time, the protruding roots should be cut. Then the seedling should be placed straight in the hole. The soil at the base of the seedling should be pressed lightly.

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Seed quantity
The number of seedlings per hectare is 300-625 depending on the variety.

Manure management
Apply fertilizer in 3 installments every year in Phalgun or February at the time of flowering, at the time of fruiting at the end of Baisakh, in May and at the end of Vadra or after fruiting in September. Mix the fertilizer well with the soil at a distance of 2.5 hands from the base till the branches have spread.