Ministerial sharing meeting will be held in front of Modi’s oath

The BJP-led NDA alliance is going to meet again ahead of Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony. The discussion of this meeting is sharing of ministries. That is, it will be decided which ministries will be given to the alliance partners. Although there have been several rounds of discussion on this issue.

Earlier, President Draupadi Murmu called on Narendra Modi as the leader of the NDA alliance to form the government. As a result, Modi will take oath on Sunday (June 9). Through this, he will become the Prime Minister for the third consecutive time.

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It was announced that Modi will take oath on Saturday (June 8) soon after the election results were announced. But then speculation spread that India’s Prime Minister will be sworn in on June 9, not 8.

Key alliance leaders Naidu and Nitish Kumar have already extended their support to the BJP. As a result, they are no longer hindered from forming the government. But new
Negotiations are going on to share government ministries. The coalition members are seeking important ministries this time. Because Modi has to form the government depending on the alliance.

The total number of seats in the country’s Lok Sabha is 543. Out of this, NDA alliance got 293 seats. On the other hand, the Congress-led opposition India Alliance won 232 seats.

BJP did not get a single majority to form the government this time. The party won a total of 240 seats, short of the 272 required to form the government.

Source: NDTV