Money laundering-tax evasion complaint subject of investigation: Dr. Yunus

Money laundering, tax evasion and the allegations of establishing institutions abroad are ‘subjects of investigation, not of debate’, said the Nobel-winning economist Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

The Prime Minister recently talked about sitting with him at the press conference, if he is interested in this matter, Dr. Yunus said, I heard it and listed what he said. All in the list are accusations against me. I have laundered money, set up many companies abroad, evaded taxes. These are matters of inquiry, not debate. It is a law-court matter, a judicial matter. Here’s what’s in the debate or what’s in the dialogue. So I think I have nothing to say about it.

Dr. sentenced for violating the labor law. The court again extended the bail period of Yunus and four top officials of Grameen Telecom. On Thursday (July 4), Capital Labor Appellate Tribunal Chairman MA Awal granted them bail till August 14. On that day, Dr. came out of the labor appeal tribunal and spoke to the journalists. Yunus.

He said, “We have answered the other issues raised by him (Prime Minister) as complaints, not once but many times. Since 2012, we were getting so bored saying these things, finally we made a list of 29 Grameen Bank questions and their answers and printed them in the form of advertisements in newspapers. If you read it, you will get their answers there. No need to search for answers again.

Dr. Yunus said, no case was ever filed by the government or NBR regarding my taxes. So I don’t understand where the issue of tax evasion came from.

“I like one thing in his (Prime Minister’s) words, he has made many allegations against Grameen Bank,” he added.

Dr. Yunus said, I felt good today, I was not inside the cage. There is no cage system here. I draw your attention to this cage again and again – may it be removed from the courts of Bangladesh forever.