Mother arrested for killing three-month-old child

Police have arrested mother Suraiya Yasmin (30) on the charge of drowning her three-month-old child in water in Satkhira.

He was arrested from Raichpur in Satkhira municipality at around 11 pm on Sunday (July 7).

Suraiya Yasmin is the daughter of Muzaffar Hossain of that village and the wife of Mucha Sheikh of Gilatla in Khulna. He lived with his two children in his father’s house.

Locals said that Suraiya Yasmin’s baby daughter Mumtaz Khatun was not available since 2 pm. At one stage of many searches, the body was recovered from the pond of the house around 10:30 pm.

Locals also said that Suraiya sometimes lost his mental balance. Earlier he had tried to kill his own son twice by poisoning him with food. When the police came and interrogated Suraiya at night, she confessed to drowning her daughter in the water of the pond and arrested her.

Satkhira Sadar police station SI Majria Hossain said the body of the child was recovered and sent to the morgue. Besides, his mother Suraiya has been arrested for confessing to the murder.

Ahsanur Rahman Rajiv/ZH/GKS