MP appeared in the school on the news of irregularities, ordered to take action

Moha, a local member of Parliament rushed to Kesharhat High School in Rajshahi’s Mohanpur after receiving information about the irregularities in the renovation work. Asaduzzaman Asad. Arrived there on Saturday (6th July) morning and ordered the local administration to take action.

According to the information of the LGED office, an allocation of around 15 lakh rupees was given for the renovation of the said school. M/s Alkhalla Enterprise of Rajshahi got this job. They have explained the work in the meantime.

On the surface, it was seen that the tiles, paint, Thai glass and stage construction given to M/s Alkhalla have been completed. But within three months, the color has faded. Dirt caught on the wall. Color is also given on the dirt. Also, although the main gate was supposed to be painted, that too has not been done completely. Despite all this, the head teacher signed that he understood all the work of the contractor. The contractor has easily picked up the bill.

In this regard, local member of parliament Asaduzzaman Asad said, “If the head of the organization or those who are in charge of the organization do not understand the work properly, then I think they are in collusion with the contractor.” Or did it without understanding. They have to take responsibility for it. Those who have worked will be called. This should solve the problem.

He said, I am a public representative. I have the responsibility of taking care of them. An organization can be understood by looking at it. School buildings will be shiny and students will be happy. I have seen this irregularity. I asked to fix them. We need to change our mindset. This is people’s hard earned money.

MP appeared in the school on the news of irregularities, ordered to take action

In this regard, the acting headmaster of the school. Sahiduzzaman said, I did not do the work. Project work through Govt. Just we work in school. I explained it as the engineer showed me. I don’t understand anything anymore. But I complained about the color.

Mohanpur LGED upazila engineer Mosa. Noor Nahar was contacted several times but could not be found.

However, Mohanpur Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Jobaida Sultana said that the MP had gone to the school with a complaint. We also saw It will be investigated by UNO Sir. He is on vacation now. He will take action.

In this regard, the owner of the contracting company. Eamon said, we have worked according to the rules of the organization. Still if there is a complaint there is an engineer. If there is a problem with the work, it will be reworked.

Sakhawat Hussain/RH/MS