MP Badiuzzaman demanded the formation of ‘Coastal Development Board’

Member of Parliament for Bagerhat-4 Constituency HM Badiuzzaman Sohag has demanded the formation of a separate ‘Coastal Development Board’ for the development of coastal areas and people’s quality of life.

He said, we want to continue the development work by protecting the environment. That is why I have strongly demanded the formation of the Coastal Development Board in the Parliament. Because the coast is a very rich and promising area. If we can trap saline water, we can expand agriculture. Then there will be no need for relief. I can turn around on my own.

He said these things in a meeting titled ‘Situation and urgent actions after Cyclone Rimal on the coast’ at the Nasrul Hamid Auditorium of Dhaka Reporters Unity on Tuesday (June 4).

The meeting was organized by the development organization ‘Leaders’ and the civic organization ‘Sundarbans and Coast Protection Movement’.

The parliamentarian said that ponds, canals and reservoirs in coastal areas are getting filled with silt. In many places it is no longer possible to install deep tube wells.

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  • Fresh water crisis in Sundarbans

Right now the Bhola river between Sundarbans, Sarankhola and Mongla is completely filled. The river was mined in 1996 when the Awami League government was in power. But then the soil was placed on the banks of the river. They fell into the river and are now completely filled.

It is feared that people are now freely traveling to Sundarbans using this river. This river needs to be excavated urgently. Also the excavated soil cannot be dumped in the Sundarbans. Then the characteristics of mangroves will be lost. This soil should be dumped in populated areas. It is now necessary to take action on a very urgent basis.

He further said that Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) should increase more manpower to enrich agriculture in coastal areas. Areas adjacent to Sundarbans, especially Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira, should ban plastic.

Because these plastics are accumulating in the Sundarbans through tides. Allocation from climate change sector is also required to solve these problems.

In the same event, Khulna-6 Constituency Member of Parliament Md. Rashiduzzaman said that the damage caused to the Sundarbans by Cyclone Rimal cannot be overcome. After the cyclone we saw numerous deer carcasses floating in the river as we went to provide relief on an isolated island. However, the forest department has mentioned a certain amount. I think it will be more. There is no account of the animals and birds that have died in the barren forest.

He said that the problem is increasing due to blocking the normal flow of the river. Nature never tolerates torture. Big natural calamities are approaching as payment for the torture we are doing by cutting trees and filling rivers. Natural normality should be maintained. We can’t keep up with the growth we’re having. The crisis is here.