Myanmar is jailing the owners for raising the workers’ salaries

Due to the devaluation of the local currency and skyrocketing inflation, ordinary people in Myanmar are suffering. In this situation, considering the benefits of the workers, the businessman U Pia Phyo Zhao increased the salary. He has three mobile phone shops in Mandalay city. The workers were very happy with the news of salary increase. The generosity of this shop owner quickly spread on Facebook.

But the issue was not taken well by the military junta of Myanmar. As soon as the news spread, Fio Zhao was arrested by the military. Three of his shops were closed. He has been accused of inciting people.

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Fio Zao is not alone, the junta administration has arrested at least 10 businessmen in recent weeks for raising workers’ salaries.

A lawyer of the country said that salary increase is not illegal in Myanmar. The main complaint against the arrested businessmen is that by increasing the salaries of the workers, they are making people believe that inflation is increasing in the country. The junta thinks that the image of the government is being undermined.

Soldiers put up a notice outside a shop in Phyo Jawa. The shop was closed because of ‘disturbance of public peace and law and order’, it said.

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The accused could be jailed for up to three years. No comment from the junta government was received on this matter.

“We were very grateful for the pay rise,” said a worker who did not want to be named. But now the shop is closed, and I will not get paid. He said, ordinary people like us are suffering due to high prices of goods.

A military coup in 2021 and the subsequent pro-democracy uprising against it created a severe economic crisis in Myanmar.

According to a World Bank report, the country’s economic output has fallen by nine percent since 2019. One-third of Myanmar’s people now live below the poverty line.

Source: The New York Times