Naiber recovered from injury in Bangladesh match, thanks to physio

It seemed that the leg was stretched quite well. Gulbadin Naib left the field with his hands on the shoulders of both of them. It was Gulbadin who was then seen playing the ball. After Afghanistan’s victory, he ran across the field!

Many suspected that Gulbadin was acting out of injury. Because the tension in the match was intense. Two drops of rain were falling, at the time of Bangladesh’s batting, Afghanistan was leading by 2 runs in the Duckworth Lewis method.

Afghanistan head coach Jonathan Trott was also signaling from the dugout to take time out as rain appeared. After that, Gulbadin Naib, who was in the slip, suddenly fell on the field, holding his leg and showing a strained hamstring.

However, Gulbadin’s injury or delay on the field did not affect the outcome of the match. Later, when the rain stopped, the game was over. Bangladesh lost by Duckworth Lewis method by 8 runs.

Naiber recovered from injury in Bangladesh match, thanks to physio

However, Afghanistan would have won by 2 runs if the game was stopped due to rain and not restarted at that time. The Afghan all-rounder probably acted injured thinking that.

From cricket analysts to cricketers, fans have criticized his actions. During the match, Kiwi commentator Simon Dull said, ‘Everyone understood what the coach indicated. But deliberately delaying is not right, it is unacceptable.’ Another match analyst Pomi Mbangwa commented, ‘Oscar or Emmy?’

Star Indian all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin wrote on social media X (formerly Twitter), ‘Gulbadin Naib should be shown a red card.’ Former England captain Michael Vaughan raised questions about the spirit of cricket.

In the meantime, Gulbadin posted on Instagram to explain his injury as normal. Posting a picture with a physio, he wrote, ‘Something amazing can happen Prashant Panchada, my physio.’

Gulbadin insists his physio was so active that the injury took no time to heal. However, many people do not believe such a fabricated explanation.