New Convenor Committee of BCS Health Cadre Association

The new convening committee of BCS Health Cadre Association has been announced. Committee Dr. Convenor and Dr. Niamat Hossain. Tanya Nasreen has been made member secretary.

The new committee also said that the names of the remaining members of the convening committee will be announced gradually. This information was informed in a press release sent to the media on Sunday (July 7).

It is said in the circular that the context of the formation of the committee, the financial and administrative management system, the next program and all the important issues will be published in the form of a circular through the leaders of the new convening committee.

Also, in the notification, as the President of the Health Cadre Association is seriously ill, the members of the newly formed committee have requested everyone to pray for him.

At the same time, he also expressed his determination to protect the rights of the committee members and work for the welfare of the country and the nation.