‘New York is not our home field, curators are also hesitant here’

In the best high voltage match of the World Cup, two arch rivals India and Pakistan are entering the field today on June 9. New York’s pitch is the focus of everyone’s discussion before going into that match. Because this pitch is behaving differently from time to time. This is happening because of drop in pitch.

So India is very cautious about this pitch. It is not India’s own home ground that will be pitching to their heart’s content. This is what Rohit Sharma said.

In the pre-match press conference before the match, he said, ‘New York is not our home ground. We have only played two matches here but we have not experienced much with the weather here. It is behaving differently from time to time. Even the pitch curate is hesitant.’

Rohit still does not know which pitch will be played here against Pakistan. ‘You understand the amount of thinking we have to do. We don’t know which pitch will be played. So whoever plays good cricket will win.’

The Indian captain also expressed concern about the outfield. ‘The outfield is also very slow. On some sheets the ball bounces and some shots do not go on the field. So getting runs is more important here. We have to understand the situation and play.’