Not sure who fired at our boat from Myanmar

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that it was not confirmed who fired at the Bangladesh boat from Myanmar on the way from Teknaf to Saint Martin in the Naf River. The minister said this in response to questions from reporters at the secretariat on Wednesday (June 12) after meeting with the daughter of parliamentarian Anwarul Azim Anar, who was murdered in India.

Firing from Myanmar en route from Teknaf to Saint Martin. When asked about this, the minister said, ‘The Arakan Army is fighting with the Myanmar government. The war has been going on for quite some time. We have seen many places in Arakan occupied by them. Now the war is going on in our lower Naf river. Here, when the war is going on, who is firing at what time? A couple of times our fishing trawlers or our patrol boats were hit by bullets. We are still not sure who fired the shots. Contacted them (Myanmar authorities), they also couldn’t confirm anything. Myanmar denied they did not fire, but they did.

The minister also claimed that there is no problem in the delivery of goods by boat in St. Martin.

Regarding the meeting with the daughter of murdered MP Anwarul Azim Anar, the Home Minister said, ‘She is coming, she has told about her emotions. His father was killed, it is natural that he would seek justice for his father’s murder. That’s what he’s saying to see that no one gets past it. We trust whatever investigation comes. He has requested us to ensure that no one gets away with the way he did the investigation.’

When asked whether there is any pressure in this regard, the Home Minister said, ‘Who will pressure us, there is no pressure. Proper investigation is being done. When the investigation is over, we will be able to tell what was the motive.’

Various allegations have been made against former Inspector General of Police Benazir. But he worked under you. In this regard, the minister said, ‘He was the head of the police force, nothing has come to our attention, no incident has happened that we can hold him responsible for. Papers are coming properly, if there is any mistake here investigation will be done there. It will be seen if those who are doing the investigation can prove anything.’