On hunger strike to protest water shortage, the minister was taken to hospital

Water Minister Atishi, who is on a hunger strike to protest the severe water shortage in the Indian capital Delhi, has been taken to hospital. It is known that after four days of fasting, he suddenly fell ill. He was rushed to the hospital as his blood sugar levels began to drop.

Atishi is currently undergoing treatment at Delhi’s Lok Nayak Jayaprakash (LNJP) Hospital. In such a situation, he decided to end the hunger strike. This was said by Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament and AAP leader Sanjay Singh.

Delhi is suffering from water shortage due to intense heat. Pictures of wailing over water were also seen in various parts of the capital. Sanjay Camp and Geetha Colony areas of Chanakyapuri have become acute water crisis. People have to stand in long queues in the sun for a bucket of water. In this situation, the Delhi government sought additional water from neighboring states. The case has been filed in the Supreme Court. Allegedly, BJP-ruled Haryana is providing less water than the demand.

In such a situation, the water minister of Delhi sat on hunger strike from June 21 demanding additional water from Haryana. But after four days he fell ill. As the physical condition of Atishi deteriorated on Monday evening, the doctors recommended that she be admitted to the hospital immediately.

After examining Atashi’s health, the doctors said that the levels of harmful ketones in her body had increased dangerously. So he needs to be hospitalized. But Atishi did not agree.

But on Tuesday morning, Atisher’s physical condition deteriorated further. He was immediately admitted to the hospital. According to AP, Atashi’s blood sugar level became 43 on Monday midnight. By 3 am it further reduced to 36. He is being treated in ICU. Then AAP MP Sanjay said that Atish’s hunger strike should be lifted. However, he also said that even if the hunger strike is lifted, the UP movement will continue to demand water.

Sources: NDTV, BBC