On July 6, the remittance came to Tk 4366 crore

In the first six days of July, the first month of the current financial year 2024-25, 370 million dollars of remittances came into the country legally. In local currency (118 rupees per dollar) which amounts to four thousand 366 million rupees. According to that, an average of 6 crore 16 lakh dollars or 727 crore 66 lakh taka has come every day. This information is known from the updated report published by the central bank.

According to the data of the Central Bank, in the first six days of this July, a total of 370 million dollars of remittances or expatriate income has arrived. Among them, 3 crore 72 lakh 60 thousand dollars came through state-owned banks and 2 crore 86 lakh 80 thousand US dollars through one of the two specialized banks (Krishi Bank).

On the other hand, through private banks, 303.33 million dollars and 1.2 million 80 thousand dollars have come through foreign banks.

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At the same time no remittance came through 12 domestic and foreign banks. These banks include the state-owned Bangladesh Development Bank or BDBL, Basic Bank, the specialized Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank or Rakab. Private banks include Bengal Commercial Bank, Community Bank, Citizens Bank, ICB Bank, Padma Bank, Foreign Sector Habib Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of India and Uri Bank.

A record two-and-a-half billion dollar (2.54 billion) remittances came in June, the last month of the just-concluded fiscal year 2023-24. Which was the highest in the last three years (36 months). In Bangladeshi currency (118 taka per dollar) which was about 29 thousand 995 crore taka.

During the entire fiscal year 2023-24, remittances to the country reached about 24 billion (23.91 billion) dollars. The central bank says that the remittance flow is increasing due to various initiatives. This trend will continue in the future.

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According to the data of Bangladesh Bank, Bangladeshis living in different countries have sent remittances worth 254 million 20 thousand dollars in June, the last month of the recent financial year. Which is highest in last 36 months. Earlier, expatriate income crossed $2.5 billion in July of the last financial year 2020-21. Remittances of 259 million 82 million dollars came in that month.

During the fiscal year 2023-24, remittances to the country are 23.92 billion dollars or two thousand 391 crore 50 million dollars. Two thousand 161 million dollars came in the previous financial year. As such, remittances have increased by more than 231 million dollars in the span of one financial year. According to the financial year, expatriates sent maximum remittances of two thousand 477 million dollars in the financial year 2020-21.