On the day of Jamaishashti, the sky-high market price, filling the bag with breath

Jamaishashti is one of the festivals of the Hindu community. Jamaishashti is celebrated every year on the sixth tithi of Shulakpaksha in Jaishtha month. It is the festival of relationship matching, the festival of pleasure. Jamaishashti is being celebrated across West Bengal on Wednesday (June 12).

On this day, mothers-in-law observe vows for the well-being of their sons-in-law. Every mother-in-law wants to make sure that there is no mistake in the entertainment of daughter and son-in-law on the occasion of son-in-law. There are special cooking and various rituals for them.

In Jamaishtya usually, starting from hilsa fish, different types of fish, meat, various sweets, mango, jam, jackfruit, litchi, palm shells are given among the fruits of the month of Jaishthya.

Without hilsa fish, you can’t think of a son-in-law. And by hilsa fish, the people of Kolkata mean the delicious hilsa of the Padmani River. But during Jamaishashti, Bangladeshi hilsa is not available anywhere in Kolkata.

Hilsa fish is found in many markets, all of them are from Digha or Diamond Harbour. If the hilsa is a little bigger, they are trying to wrap it in a polythene packet and sell it as hilsa in Bangladesh. The in-laws are in the condition of eating bhirmi even when they go to buy that hilsa.

It has been seen in the market, hilsa weighing 500 to 700 grams is being sold at 800 rupees per kg. The price of one kilogram of hilsa is 1 thousand 200 rupees. Hilsa weighing more than one kg is being sold for 1,500 to 1,800 rupees. In some markets, the price of that hilsa is up to two thousand rupees.

High prices of other fish. In Kolkata, prawns are being sold at Rs 500 to 900 per kg, roe fish at Rs 350 to 400, pabda at Rs 500 to 600.

Cut chicken is being sold at Rs 250 and Rs 260 per kg. Beef is being sold at Rs 840 per kg. Somewhere, the price of Riyaji Khasi is rising to Rs. 900 per kg.

The price of vegetables is skyrocketing. The price of potato in the market is 26 to 30 rupees per kg, potal is 30 rupees, brinjal is 80 rupees. Onion is sold at Rs 40 per kg but it fluctuates slightly from place to place. Apart from this, ginger is being sold at 250 rupees, green chillies at 100 to 120 rupees per kg.

There is no doubt that the in-laws who go out with the market bags to entertain the in-laws on this sky-high bazaar day will have a good taste in their pockets.