One and a half lakh people are watertight in Kurigram

In Kurigram, the flood situation has further worsened due to the increase of water in Dudhkumar and Dharla. 41 unions of the district have been affected by floods. One and a half million people have been trapped in water. Hundreds of houses are submerged in water.

In 15 hours from 6 pm on Friday (July 5) to 9 am on Saturday, the water in Dudhkumar river has increased by 31 cm and is flowing 22 cm above the danger line. Taluk Dharla River is flowing 10 cm above the flood limit at Shimulbari point and 01 cm at Sadar point.

On the other hand, the water of Brahmaputra river has reduced slightly to 68 cm at Nunkhawa point, 72 cm at Chilmari point and 71 cm at Hatia point.

The flood victims have left their homes in the flood and have taken shelter in high places and shelters. Besides, the education department has announced closure of teaching in 37 primary schools and 103 secondary schools and collective evaluation of madrasas due to floods.

One and a half lakh people are watertight in Kurigram

People are suffering because the houses are submerged in the flood water. The Banvasi families are living a subhuman existence in Basatbari sheltered in bamboo shacks, boats and banana tree rafts. In most families, the stove is not burning for 5 days. Their domestic animals were swept away by the flood water. There is an acute shortage of fodder due to the depletion of pastures.

Many of the Banvasis, along with their cattle, are living in hardship in flood control dams and flood shelters. The rural communication system has collapsed due to unpaved roads. There is a shortage of food, clean drinking water and dry food and fuel among the Banvasis. Due to the collapse of the sanitation system, the flood-affected people suffered greatly.

Abdul Matin of Milpara area of ​​Panchgachi Union of Sadar said that the water is increasing rapidly. Water also entered the house. I am thinking of taking refuge in a higher place.

Sadar’s Jatrapur Union Parishad Chairman Abdul Ghafoor said, many chars and island chars of my union have sunk. People of Char are living in hardship. Also, communication has been stopped due to rising water at two places on the Kurigram-Jatrapur road. The number of people trapped in water in this union is more than 30 thousand.

One and a half lakh people are watertight in Kurigram

Chairman of Nageshwari Upazila’s Kedar Union A.K.M Wajidul Kabir Rashed said that three wards of his union have flooded due to the increase of water in Dudhkumar. 15,000 people in these areas have become waterlogged.

District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer Abdul Hai Sarkar said that till now 282 metric tons of rice and 21 lakh 85 thousand taka have been allocated for distribution in 9 upazilas for Banvasis. 395 metric tons of rice and 8 lakh 50 thousand taka and 500 packets of dry food are stored. Which will be distributed in phases.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Saidul Arif said that under the guidance of the government, the local administration has continued all efforts to reduce the suffering of the flood victims. All preparations have been made to deal with the flood.

He also said that 404 shelters have been opened in the district. So far 1 thousand 246 people have taken shelter in flood shelters.

Fazlu Farazi/FA/MS