One killed in wild elephant attack in Cox’s Bazar

One person died in a wild elephant attack in Barachhara Daryanagar area of ​​Jhelongja Union in Cox’s Bazar Sadar.

The incident happened in the early morning of Friday (July 5) in the area adjacent to the Marine Drive road.

The name of the deceased is Monir Alam (42). He is the son of deceased Kala Mia of Daryanagar area of ​​Barachara, Kalatali.

Sadar Range Officer of Cox’s Bazar South Forest Division Sameer Ranjan Saha confirmed the matter.

According to local and forest department sources, several wild elephants are roaming in the Himachari reserve forest. Elephants occasionally visit the locality. A group of wild elephants entered the locality in Barachhara Daryanagar area early today. Later the locals informed the matter to the forest department. However, the locals tried to drive away the elephant before the forest department personnel reached the spot. The man was injured in the attack of the elephant. After being rescued and taken to Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital, the doctor declared him dead.

Forest department officer Sameer Ranjan Saha said that the body has been handed over to the relatives. After the forest department personnel reached the spot, the elephant was brought back to the Gahin forest with the help of locals.

This is the first case of human death due to wild elephant attack after settlement in Barachhara Daryanagar area more than three decades ago. This has spread panic among the locals.

Syed Alamgir/SR/ASM