Onion price has increased by Rs 30 in a week in Heli

The price of local onion is increasing every week in Heli of Dinajpur. Within a week, the price has increased by Tk 30 per kg. Buyers are in trouble due to the sudden increase in onion prices. Traders claim that the price has increased due to reduced import of Indian onion and reduced supply of domestic onion.

Going to the wholesale and retail markets of Hili Bazaar on Saturday, it can be seen that onion is being sold at Tk 85-97 per kg in the wholesale market, which is being sold at Tk 90-110 per kg in the retail market. But even a week ago, onion was sold at Tk 65-76 per kg in the wholesale market. 85-90 taka in retail.

Rickshaw driver Aslam Ali said that the price of local onion is increasing every week. Meanwhile, Indian onion import is stopped. As many problems as the poor. I am in a lot of danger with a family of five including one grandson.

Shahabul Islam, a wholesale onion seller of Bangla Hilli Bazaar, said that it was not possible to import Indian onions due to the demand for local onions after Eid. Most of the indigenous onions are being sold in the retail market along with some of the previously imported Indian onions.

Regarding the price increase, he said that due to the non-arrival of Indian onions, the pressure on domestic onions has increased. And due to increased pressure, the price of onion has increased in Mokam. So we are forced to buy onions at higher prices and sell them at higher prices.

The sellers fear that the prices may increase further if Indian onions do not arrive.

Harun-Or Rashid, President of Import-Export Group, said that onion duty has been increased in both countries. Besides, the price of onion is high in India. That’s why importers are not able to facilitate onion import. For this reason, the importers of Hili land port have reduced onion import.

Md. Mahabur Rahman/ZH/JIM