Only God can make me drop out of the election: Biden

As the day goes by, the discussion about Joe Biden is increasing. Ever since his first televised debate with Donald Trump, questions have been raised about his physical and mental health.

It is being said that he is not eligible to contest the next presidential election. Top Democrats themselves are raising this question. Moreover, several donors have also called on Biden to step down.

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However, Joe Biden is adamant about being a candidate in the next election. He said, only God can force him to withdraw from the election.

In an interview with ABC News on Friday (July 5), Biden declined to take a mental competency test and to release the results. Saying, every day I am giving mental skill test. Exams are what I am doing every day.

Biden faced severe criticism after losing to Donald Trump in a televised debate. There was a demand to withdraw the candidature. But Biden is as steadfast in his decision as ever. Even in the face of demands from Democrats, he has stood his ground.

Almost throughout the interview, Biden was asked about his physical and mental abilities as the next presidential candidate.

But the US president said, I don’t think anyone else is more qualified than me as a presidential candidate. He cited travel fatigue and a cold for the poor performance in televised debates.

At a campaign event in Virginia on Tuesday (July 2), Biden said he ‘almost fell asleep’ on the debate stage last week. A few days before the debate, he was tired of traveling to several countries in a row. That is why he could not show good performance.

Last month, he visited France and Italy with a gap of just two weeks. After attending the G7 conference in Italy, he went directly to Los Angeles on June 15. There, Biden attended a fundraising event with former US President Barack Obama. He returned to Washington that day.

But before the June 27 debate, Biden spent six consecutive days at Camp David and had the opportunity to prepare to face Trump.

Source: BBC