Only one tree shop in the crowded tree fair!

Tree Fair – 2024 written big on the banner of the main gate. But among the 39 shops in the fair, only one is a shop selling tree saplings. On the one hand, the forest department says that they did not organize the fair. On the other hand, the upazila administration says that the fair is of the forest department, they are only providing overall cooperation. However, public representatives and conscious circles cannot accept such an arrangement in the name of tree fair.

On inquiry, it is known that a 15-day fair was organized at the central Shaheed Minar grounds of the upazila parishad under the banner of the forest department and upazila administration of Gosairhat in Shariatpur. Which is said to start from July 1 and end on July 15. In the meantime, the shopkeepers are sitting in 39 shops in the fair. Which includes various yummy foods, cosmetics along with children’s toys and rides. In one corner of the fair there is only one shop selling tree saplings called ‘Mannan Nursery’.

The upazila administration said that there is no rent for the shopkeepers sitting in the fair. But many of the shopkeepers say that they have to pay 1 thousand or more per day to the organizing committee.

Only one tree shop in the crowded tree fair!

The fair can be seen from the main part of the fair ground with the stalls of fuska, chatpatti, achar, cosmetics and da-batti all over the place. Most of the visitors to the fair throng those shops and shop. But the seedling shop is not crowded. From morning till noon, only 2 thousand rupees worth of tree saplings are not sold, but in other shops, the average sales of the owners are 7 to 8 thousand rupees.

Md. Anwar Hossain, a da-bati seller said, there is going to be a fair for 15 days. So far no one has collected any rent from me. But they have to pay rent. Some are in charge, including the owner of the ride. They will take the rent from us and explain it to the organizers of the fair.

A shopkeeper, who did not wish to be named, said that our sales are low due to the rain. The organizing committee will have to pay Rs 1,000 per day for the fair. If we don’t sell, we will make a profit by renting.

Only one tree shop in the crowded tree fair!

Haunted houses are located on one side of the fair to entertain children. Fazal, the employee of the shop said, we sell a ticket for 40 taka. Children are entertained here. More than 10 thousand rupees are sold every day. But I don’t know anything about rent. The owner knows it well.

The owner of the only nursery in the fair. Mannan Howladar said, My main nursery is in Madaripur. But a garden is also in West Kotapara area of ​​Shariatpur. A single tree sapling shop at the tree fair does not look good. Other nursery owners were asked to come but they did not come.

A person named Monir Hossain, who came to the fair, said, after hearing about the tree fair, I thought there would be many tree shops here. But there are not many trees in the shop selling only one tree sapling. This fair looks like a trade fair.

Only one tree shop in the crowded tree fair!

Former Chairman of Gosairhat Upazila Parishad Fazlur Rahman Dhali said, that day I saw Mr. UNO building a shop in the field for the fair. But I didn’t know what the fair would be here. Tree fairs are usually supposed to sell tree seedlings. But there will be only one nursery in the fair, what kind of tree fair! This matter is shameful and sad for Gosairhat upazila. It can never be a tree fair.

When asked about the organization of the fair, the district forest officer said. Salah Uddin said, we have not organized any tree fair in Gosairhat. I heard that the nursery owner association organized the fair along with the upazila administration. Moreover, we have no budget now to organize the fair.

However, the upazila administration claims that the fair has been organized by the forest department. Gosairhat Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Ahmed Sabbir Sajjad said, the fair is organized by the forest department, it is written on the main gate. The upazila administration is fully supporting the fair. And there is no question of taking rent. Because what is the rent for the fair in the government field?