Order to increase armed guards in bank security

The central bank has ordered to deploy more number of armed security guards for the security of the banks. At the same time, it has been asked to give adequate training to the armed security guards.

On Monday (June 3), the Bangladesh Banking Regulations and Policy Department sent instructions to the chief executives of the banks.

According to this instruction of the central bank, to ensure the security of the business centers of all scheduled banks, the necessary number of CCTV or IP cameras or spy cameras should be installed at the entrance of the bank branch, inside the branch, outside the branch and in all types of IT rooms.

“CCTV or spy cameras are connected to the central information network of the bank, they are brought under monitoring, and the video footage recorded in the cameras can be obtained by the nearest police station.”

According to the directive, adequate or more number of armed security guards should be employed for the security of banks and adequate training of armed security guards should be provided. Although some banks are following the above instructions properly to ensure the security of their business centers, it is also mentioned in the instructions.