Order to open ‘Sanvis by Tani’ showroom

The High Court has ordered the opening of ‘Sanvis by Toni’ showroom in Gulshan, owned by social media face Robayat Fatema Tani. In addition, the court’s verdict informed that guidelines will be issued regarding the sale of products online.

On Monday (June 10), a bench consisting of Justice Mostafa Zaman Islam and Justice SM Masud Hossain Dolan gave this verdict.

Lawyer Syed Khalekuzzaman confirmed the order to Arun Jago News. He said, if you get a copy of the verdict, you can tell what the verdict was originally.

On June 6, the same bench of the High Court set the date for the order after hearing the ruling on why the sealing of the ‘Sunvis by Tani’ showroom will not be illegal. Advocate Md. heard on his behalf in the court that day. Khalekuzzaman. Deputy Attorney General Tushar Kanti Roy, Assistant Attorney General Salim Azad and Anich ul Mawa were for the state.

Earlier, on May 27, the High Court issued a ruling asking why the sealing of the ‘Sunvis by Tani’ showroom would not be illegal.

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Meanwhile, Robayat Fatima Tani, the owner of ‘Sunvis by Tani’, alleged in the writ that the Consumer Rights Protection Department harassed her and threatened to close her business without giving her any notice or hearing. At the same time, in the name of consumer-rights, a fine of two lakh rupees has been imposed only with the receipt of payment and without providing any kind of documentary evidence, which is illegal and illegal, the writ has sought redressal. The petitioner’s lawyer, Advocate Syed Khalekuzzaman, confirmed to Arun Jago News that the petition was filed in the relevant branch of the High Court.

According to the writ petition, on May 14, ‘Sanvis by Tani’ was fined 50 thousand and 2 lakh taka for two crimes. Following the complaint of a woman named Lubna Yasmin, Indrani Roy, the assistant director of the Dhaka Divisional Office of the Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, imposed a fine of Tk 50,000.

Lubna Yasmin bought a dress from ‘Sunvis by Tani’ last February 9. After 53 days, on April 3, he complained to the consumer department. Later, on May 12, the main showroom of Sanvis by Tani was raided and sealed by the Assistant Director of the Consumer Affairs Department, Jabbar Mondal.