Our aim is to remove this government and establish people’s government: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the only goal is to remove this government and establish a people’s government, calling the current government the ‘main enemy’.

He said, this government has destroyed everything in the country. Our only voice is to remove this government and establish a people’s government. The movement is going on, the movement will continue, soon our movement will be faster. We managed to get all the teams together. How can we remove this government, how can we restore democracy, we are struggling.

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He said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the discussion meeting titled ‘Crisis of Democracy in Bangladesh – Path of Transition’ organized by Revolution Workers Party at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Wednesday (June 12).

Mirza Fakhrul called on the leaders and activists to unite and said, let’s take the people together and fight against the government. Especially the youth should come forward. Because, this struggle is not only of BNP alone, this struggle is a struggle to protect the freedom and democracy of the country.

BNP Secretary General said, our goal is only to remove this government. People are awake. We may not have harnessed their awakening to achieve final victory. But there will be a new sunrise, we must reach there.

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He also said that this government’s disgrace cannot be ended. They have destroyed the political and economic structure of the country.

In the meeting presided over by Comrade Saiful Haque, president of Biplabli Workers Party, convenor of Nagrik Oikya Mahmudur Rahman Manna, Chairman of Jatiya Party (Kazi Zafar) Mustafa Jamal Haider, Chief Coordinator of Mass Solidarity Movement Jonaid Saki, General Secretary of AB Party Mujibur Rahman Manju and Chairman of Public Rights Party Nurul Haque Noor etc. gave a speech