Padma is touching Vipatseema in Daulatdia

Padma river water is increasing in Rajbari. Though there are 3 gauge station points in the district, the water of Padma has not crossed the Bipatsima at any point so far. However, the water of Padma is touching Vipatsima at Daulatdia point.

In the last 24 hours, the water level of Padma river has increased by 6 cm at Daulatdia point of Goland in Rajbari, but it is still 9 cm below the danger level. Apart from this, Padma water is also flowing below the Bipatseema at Mahendrapur and Sengram points of the district headquarters.

On Monday (July 8) around 9:30 am, Daulatdia’s water meter (gauge reader) Salma Khatun confirmed this information.

Meanwhile, although the water level of Padma river continues to rise, no flood situation has occurred anywhere in the district so far. However, erosion has occurred in Daulatdia Ferighat area.

It is known that there are three separate gauge points for measuring the water of Padma river at Mahendrapur, Sengram of Panshar and Daulatdia of Goland, district headquarters of Rajbari. Among them, the water level of Padma at Daulatdia point in Goland is 9 cm below the flood limit. Besides, the water of Padma is far below the danger level at Mahendrapur and Sengram points of Sadar upazila.

Rajbari District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer Syed Ariful Haque said that a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the District Commissioner as a preliminary preparation for the flood and they have extensive preparations. So far no flood or inundation of low-lying areas has been reported anywhere in the district. Still, as a preparation, 12 flood shelters have been prepared as well as 600 metric tons of rice and 12 lakh taka in cash.

Rubelur Rahman/FA/GKS