Pakistani supporters disappointed in US over tractor sales

This year’s World Cup is spent in disappointment for Pakistan. In the first match they lost against India. After losing against the USA, their World Cup chances were dimmed. However, Pakistan won the last match against Canada. Now the equation is a bit easier for them.

A fan came from Pakistan to the United States to watch Babar Azam play in this World Cup. He had to sell the tractor to cover his coming expenses. He sold it for 3 thousand dollars and came to watch the game and had to return with disappointment.

Indian news media India Today gave his statement. The supporter said there, ‘I sold my tractor for 3 thousand dollars and came to watch the India-Pakistan match. We lost. I am very disappointed.’

Batting first against Pakistan, India set a target of 120 runs. Later, Pakistan needed 18 runs in the last over to chase that run. But Pakistan could not score that run. After this match, the Pakistan supporter also watched the game between USA and India in New York.

Seeing Indian cricketer Suryakumar Yadav’s batting in the match, he said that he was ‘recovered’ and said, ‘Sury has won my heart. The money for the sale of the tractor has been recovered.’ India also confirmed to play in the Super Eight by winning this match against USA.