‘Pat will not work, today is the soil’

Address transport runs from Savar bypile to Chittagong road. The driver of this car is Suraj Mia. He rented the car from the owner for 3 thousand rupees per day. At the end of the day, he paid Tk 3,000 to the owner and shared what was left with the driver and his assistant. Just made one trip since this morning. The income is 3 and a half thousand taka. The car was actually blocked in Newmarket. Been here since noon. Meanwhile, all the passengers in the car got down.

On Sunday (July 7) at 6 pm, I spoke with the driver of the address bus, Suruj Mia. He said to Jago News, I have been renting a car for 3000 rupees. One trip earned three and a half thousand. Now the owner will not take less money. How to pay the price of oil with three thousand owners! There will be more losses. Today is the day of soil, pat will not work.

'Pat will not work, today is the soil'

Not only Suruj Mia, many bus drivers have suffered due to the ongoing blockade of students demanding cancellation of quota. Neelkshe spoke with Yusuf, the driver of Dhanmondi bus number 13. He said, I get 13% of the daily income and 9% of my assistant. Earned like two thousand today How much more than that Sitting all day, I suffer

Such a picture of bus drivers As there are multiple markets in Newmarket, many people come to Newmarket to shop from different parts of the capital These people who come to shop are suffering today Although traffic was normal in the morning, the road became gridlocked in the afternoon.

'Pat will not work, today is the soil'

Shamsun Nahar, who came to shop from Mirpur, said the road was clear in the morning Coming naturally I will know the blockade when I return The whole road is closed I don’t see any way now I will not get the car that I walk in front of If I had known earlier, I would not have left the house

The traders of Newmarket have suffered a decline in sales due to the students’ blockade Asif, a shopkeeper at Nurjahan Shopping Complex, said the road was closed all day Customer can’t come This is the situation a few hours after the shop opened What should I do? I am sitting

Students of Dhaka and Eden Women’s Colleges to sit at Sciencelab and Neelkhet intersection as part of the ongoing student blockade.