‘Peace and Harmony Dialogue’ organized by Films for Peace Foundation

‘Peace and Harmony Dialogue’ was held for the first time at EMK Center in Gulshan of the capital. Organized by the Films for Peace Foundation under the Youth Engagement in Democracy project in collaboration with the Foundation for Humanity, the dialogue brought together youth and veterans.

At the beginning of the dialogue, Parvez Siddiqui, Managing Director of Films for Peace Foundation gave a welcome speech and spoke about the Youth Engagement in Democracy project. Challenges faced by young people in the way of entrepreneurship came up in two sessions of dialogue. Besides, the invited guests gave several suggestions and recommendations to face those challenges.

Artist Tipu Munshi, dancer Pooja Sengupta, Professor Afsana Ferdowsi, former Chief Executive of Bangladesh Tourism Board Javed Ahmed spoke to the youth in the first session titled ‘Opportunities and Challenges’ conducted by Dr. Maqsuda Sultana.

'Peace and Harmony Dialogue' organized by Films for Peace Foundation

In the second episode titled ‘Skill Development for Success’, Films for Peace Foundation Founder-Director actress Rokeya Wally moderated the discussion. Care giving experts Shilpi Akhtar, Saqib Raihan, National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute Food and Beverage Department Head Zahida Begum and others participated in the discussion. The youngsters were enriched by the advice of the experts in the discussion and interaction with the guests.

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The main objective of the dialogue was to bring together emerging youth and veterans from different sectors of the country to exchange their experiences and find new ideas and solutions. To ensure economic empowerment of the youth, how to support them in education, employment and entrepreneurship development is discussed in detail. Besides, emphasis is placed on introducing life-oriented education system by coordinating the current education system and employment.

In order to develop the leadership of the youth, it is demanded to ensure their representation in all areas including the national parliament. In the dialogue, the speakers advised the youth to develop skills before becoming successful entrepreneurs.

The dialogue discussed ways to improve the talent, innovative skills and creativity of the youth. Participants get the guidance they need to fulfill their dreams and contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. At the end of the event, Banashree Mitra Niyogi of the Foundation for Humanity delivered the closing speech and handed over the crest to the young entrepreneurs.