People are aware about dengue, satisfied minister

The Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives expressed his satisfaction in dealing with dengue. Tajul Islam said that people are more aware about dengue now than before.

The minister told reporters this after the second meeting of the National Committee on Prevention of Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases at the secretariat on Thursday (July 4).

He said that although the number of dengue cases was high last year, the number of infected patients in the City Corporation, especially in the two City Corporations of Dhaka, was comparatively less. I am personally satisfied, we have been able to make the people of Dhaka much more aware about dengue than before.

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Tajul Islam said, we can fight dengue through everyone’s awareness. There is no substitute for awareness, anywhere in the world. Countries that have achieved success in combating dengue have also been able to ensure the conscious participation of all people.

The local government minister also said that according to the statistics given to us by the experts, we are cautious and we are all aware accordingly. Working consciously may have been able to keep it under our control until now. I hope all city corporations including Dhaka-Chittagong, Upazila and Union Parishad will do what they need to do from their respective positions.

It is raining in Dhaka. Regarding how the mosquito eradication campaign will be conducted in the rain, he said, “Our campaign is ongoing.” All preparations for the campaign are also there. Our anti-mosquito workers are working in the field and are ready to work more intensively. Besides, we have appointed Magistrate. Here the discussion took place, the magistrate was appointed. I think all our preparations are fine.

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The minister also said that our related organizations have started the process of working against dengue several years ago. It is ongoing. In today’s meeting, everyone gave opinions from their own positions to work more intensively.