Pion’s 3 wives in jail for making illegal wealth, husband acquitted

The court has sentenced 3 wives of Zahirul Islam, office assistant (peon) of Titus Gas to different terms of imprisonment in three separate cases of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on charges of acquiring illegal wealth. At the same time a fine of around one crore rupees has also been given.

Judge Begum Shamsunnahar of Comilla’s special judge’s court gave the verdict on Sunday (July 7).

Zahirul Islam Zahir is the son of Abdul Gafur Sardar of Anandpur village in Burichong Upazila of Comilla.

Deputy Director of ACC Comilla Integrated Office Fazlul confirmed this information to Jago News.

It has been reported that 3 separate cases were filed against office assistant Zahirul Islam and his three wives from the ACC Comilla office on February 9, 2021 on charges of acquiring illegal wealth. In that case, his first wife Selina Akhtar was sentenced to 3 years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Tk 12 lakh 12 thousand 300, his second wife Akalima Akhtar was sentenced to 4 years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Tk 34 lakh 3 thousand and his third wife Asma Akhtar was sentenced to 5 years rigorous imprisonment and 51 lakh 99 thousand 831 A fine of Rs. However, Zahirul Islam was acquitted from the case.

Fazlul Haque, Deputy Director of ACC Comilla Coordinating Office, said that in 3 separate cases, Zahirul Islam was also accused along with his wife. According to the judgment of the court, a total of Tk 98 lakh 15 thousand 131 of the fines of Zahirul Islam’s 3 wives were ordered to be confiscated in favor of the state. However, Zahirul was acquitted from all three cases as the charges were not proved.

After the verdict, the judge ordered his wives to be sent to jail. At that time all three wives were present in the court.

According to the ACC sources, Zahirul Islam started his job as master role in Titas. In December 2008, he was convicted of stealing 336 pieces of 4-inch pipes. Later he worked for 5 years on daily attendance basis in regional office of Titus in Rupganj. From there he built three contracting companies including ‘Zahir Beethi Enterprise’.

The companies are owned by the wife and niece. Later Zahir Rupganj was elected General Secretary of Titus Employees Union. Since then, his illegal gas connection business, meter tampering and various misdeeds started. He was expelled from Rupganj Titus office on various charges including file theft while he was in ‘Daily Basis’. After managing the officials, Titas took a job as a peon in the Gas Storage Department at the main office of Karwan Bazar in the capital. He is currently working there. He built a mountain of illegal wealth in the name of himself and his three wives through illegal gas connection-trading. His village home Burichong in Comilla, Dhaka and Narayanganj has hundreds of crores of illegal wealth, expensive cars and luxury houses.

Meanwhile, despite his wives being sentenced and fined in three cases filed by the ACC, Zaheer’s acquittal has caused surprise among the locals.

Jante Zahirul Islam was called several times in this regard but could not get a statement as his mobile phone was switched off.

Zahid Patwari/FA/JIM