Piya Jannatul’s complaint against police officer Saklayen

Additional Superintendent of Police (ADC) Golam Saklayen is losing his job due to his illegal relationship with popular actress Parimani. This time model and actress Piya Jannatul made a serious complaint against Saklayen.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon, Piya Jannatul wrote, ‘This is the person (Golam Saklayen), who was in charge of the DB in the Abbar FR Tower case. For about 6-7 days I and Amma used to go to DB office to see Abba every day. This is the person, who fraudulently and forcibly tried to obtain the father’s consent for statement under Section 164 CrPC.’

Pia also wrote, ‘I advised Abba not to consent, as he was not at all involved in the incident. But before I reached the DB office, he (Saqlayen) took a written statement from Abba and submitted it to the court the next day. He got angry with me for interfering in these matters and asked Abba and me to keep quiet. But he did not know, I was not born to be silent.’

Narrating the incident, Pia further wrote, ‘On the day she arrested Abba as the landlord for the FR Tower fire, Abba was so ill that he had to go to the hospital. Dad was over 77 years old at that time!’

About Saklayen, Pia said, ‘According to what I have seen, this Mr. Saklayen is a very sharp, talented and cunning man. But a mistake ruined everything! Though we forgive men for their misdeeds, Nature and the Almighty are always there to judge rightly.’

He was in charge of the ADC of Intelligence-Gulshan Division during the illegal relationship with Parimani. He was transferred to Public Order Management (POM) after the incident came to light. He was then transferred as Additional Superintendent of Police at Jhenaidah Inservice Training Centre.

According to sources, it has been decided to send the police officer on compulsory retirement in the departmental case in Parimani case.

On June 13, a letter signed by Deputy Secretary Rokeya Parveen Jui from Discipline-II Branch of the Ministry of Home Affairs has requested instructions to suggest ‘compulsory retirement’ from service to Golam Saklayen as a ‘punishment’.

In that letter, it is said that ADC Golam Saklayen stayed at the residence of heroine Parimani at different times (day and night) by looking at the forensic report of the mobile phone. A letter has been sent to the Public Works Commission seeking its opinion on giving him capital punishment.

According to the relevant sources, after the incident of boat club on June 13, 2021, Parimani was accused of attempted rape and physical torture and a case was filed. The day after the case, the club leader businessman Nasir Uddin Mahmud was arrested from a house in Uttara of the capital. A few other accomplices were arrested along with him.

As part of the case investigation, Parimani was called to the detective office and started interrogation. It was then that Parimani met the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of DB’s Gulshan division, Golam Saklayen Laksh. After that, communication started between the two. Gholam Saklayen started traveling to Parimani’s house regularly. Sometimes the two would go out with the car.

According to the relevant sources, lastly Parimani DB officer Golam Saklayen went to the residence of Madhumati Bhawan in Rajarbagh of Lakshak and stayed for about 18 hours. After his arrest on the night of August 4, 2021, Parimani frankly confessed everything.