Police station attacked and vandalized after arresting A-League worker, 25 injured

The police station was attacked in connection with the arrest of an Awami League worker named Mostak Shikder in Shailkupa of Jhenaidah. At least 25 people including 6 policemen were injured in this incident. Police fired more than fifty tearcells and rubber bullets to control the situation.

According to the police, in the morning, the police arrested the accused Mostak Shikder, who was involved in an attack case. Enraged by this, the Awami League activists surrounded the Shailkupa police station and attacked it around 3:30 pm. He is the son of late Abdus Sattar Shikdar of Dhalharachandra Union. The attackers are said to be supporters of Mayor Kazi Ashraful Azam and newly elected Upazila Chairman Mustafa Arif Reza Mannu.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) Shailkupa Police Station Shafiqul Islam Chowdhury said that constables Tariqul Islam Bina, Iqbal Hossain, Abdus Chalam, Kalu Tarafdar, Imran Khan and DSB ASI Harunur Rashid were admitted to Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital after being hit by bricks from the attackers.

Among the injured, Abdus Chalam and Iqbal Hossain have been sent to Rajarbagh Police Line Hospital in the capital as their condition is critical.

Injured Constable Tariqul Islam Bina, Iqbal Hossain and Kalu Tarfdad’s house in Khulna. Abdus Chalam and Imran Khan’s house in Chuadanga and DSB ASI Harunur Rashid’s house in Kushtia.

Jhenaidah, A-League worker arrested, police station attacked and vandalized, 25 injured

Iqbal Hossain, the constable of Shailkupa police station admitted to the hospital, said that we were on duty. Around 3:30 pm 500-700 people surrounded the police station. After a while they started attacking the police station. They started throwing bricks and stones.

Constable Kalu Tarafdar, who was treated at the hospital, said, I was on duty at another place. At that time, the police station called and informed that they came to the police station quickly. As soon as I came in front of the police station, I saw that hundreds of people attacked the police station in a few trucks.

Mehdi Hasan, Medical Officer of Civil Surgeon Office and Doctor in charge of Police Line Hospital, said that six policemen have been admitted to Sadar Hospital. Two of them have been sent to Rajarbagh Police Line Hospital.

In this regard, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Imran Zakaria said that the current situation is calm. At least six policemen were injured in the 10-minute attack. Two people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack.

Abdullah Al Masood/RH/JIM