Police will take action if Shahbagh blockade is not lifted

The movement of students and job aspirants is going on by blocking the Shahbag intersection demanding the reinstatement of the circular issued by the government in 2018 to cancel the quota system in government jobs.

Despite the rain, the agitators did not leave the road, some were wet with rain, some were standing at Shahbag intersection with umbrellas on their heads. They have also announced that they will continue the movement until their demands are met. Due to the blockade, all kinds of traffic has stopped through Shahbagh intersection, creating severe traffic jam.

The police say that Thursday is the last day of the week. If all offices and courts are closed from the afternoon, the pressure of vehicles on the road will increase. Talking to the protesting students. They are requested to leave the road blockade. If the road block is not removed, action may be taken.

Hasnat Abdullah, coordinator of the movement at Shahbag said, “We are in favor of the liberation war.” We are not against freedom fighters. We study for two full meals. By reinstating quotas, food has essentially been taken away from our faces. We will leave here after claiming our right to rice.

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Another coordinator Asif Mahmud said, we do not accept the order to restore the quota. Students across the country do not accept this discrimination.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Shahbag police station. Mostazirur Rahman told Jago News that discussions are going on with the students. It has been requested to leave the road before office holidays.

Ramana Division Deputy Police Commissioner (DC) Mohammad Ashraful Islam told Jago News that the protesting students are being talked to. They have been requested not to block the road.

When asked whether any action will be taken if the road blockade is not lifted, he said that it will be seen later.

Earlier, students and job aspirants under the banner of ‘anti-discrimination student movement’ held a protest march and blockaded Shahbagh intersection for about one and a half hours on Wednesday to demand their demands. The agitators have been holding a continuous program since July 1.