Policeman arrested while recording video of woman bathing

Locals caught the policeman red-handed while recording the scene of a woman’s bath from above the bathroom. Later, the police rescued him and took him to the police station. The incident took place in South Dhangara area of ​​Gaibandha city on Saturday afternoon.

The name of the policeman arrested by the crowd. Shah Alam. His Police ID (BP 8302082571). He is said to be son of deceased Zainul Haque of Banvasa village in Lalmonirhat district and working in Gaibandha police line.

Eyewitnesses said that a woman was taking a bath in the bathroom in Dhangara area. Meanwhile, Shah Alam was recording the scene of the woman’s bath on his mobile phone above the bathroom. Meanwhile, the locals saw the matter. Then the people around came and arrested Shah Alam. Later the police of Gaibandha Sadar police station got the information and rescued him from the spot.

A witness said, I was walking on the side road. A stranger was videoing on a mobile phone over a roofless bathroom. When I screamed, Shah Alam tried to run away. Meanwhile people came and arrested him.

The woman’s husband said, I was working outside. Come and see the house full of people. Very sorry to hear about the incident. Is a keeper thus an eater? The police came and took their man away. It was said that action will be taken if a complaint is made to the police station. It is sad to hear that even after being caught red-handed, no action will be taken without complaint.

Inspector (Investigation) of Gaibandha Sadar Police Station who came to rescue the arrested policeman. Serajul Islam said, I rescued the arrested from the crowd and took him to Sadar police station. I will investigate whether he is really a policeman or not? Legal action will be taken if the victim’s family files a complaint.

AH Shamim/ZH/JIM