Principal’s GD against four teachers for threatening to kill

The principal of the institution, Shilpi Celine Costa, filed a general diary (GD) against four teachers of St. Scholastica’s Girls School and College in Chittagong city, accusing them of threatening to kill.

The matter came to the attention of the media on Friday (July 5). Before this, he made a GD online at Kotwali police station of the city on June 30. Charges have been filed against school teachers Charlene Suberit Eugene (35), Magret Monica Jeans (40), Neil Russell Sohar (50) and Baby Chandra (40) in the GD.

GD investigating officer, Kotwali police station SI Babul Kumar Pal told Jago News on Friday morning, ‘The principal of St. Scholastica’s Girls School and College has filed a GD on allegations of intimidation and death threats. As the complaint is not an FIR, an application has been made to the court seeking permission to investigate the complaint. The matter will be investigated once the permission of the court is obtained.’

The GD mentions, ‘An inquiry committee is formed and a report is prepared on the overall issue of the school. Since the preparation of that report, it is assumed that they are involved in harming the institution, so they are engaged in trying to harm the educational institution. In a meeting with the teachers in the principal’s office at noon on June 30, four teachers threatened and threatened to kill the principal, including canceling the investigation report within 24 hours.

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According to the investigation report of the school, on May 26, 47 other teachers filed a complaint against the two teachers accusing them of immoral behavior with a 5th grade student of the school. Principal Shilpi Celine Costa formed a three-member committee to investigate the complaint on the instructions of Chittagong Archbishop Lawrence Subrata Howladar. The committee comprises Sinter Vrinta Rema as Convener, Brother Raktim Chiran as Chief Coordinator and Lecturer Omar Farooq as ICT Facilitator.

Later, the investigation committee collected all the information including mobile number, social media WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook of the two teachers and one student and interviewed them. Besides, the student’s close girlfriends were interviewed. The committee members also took information and interviews from the complaining teachers. Similarly, the committee takes interviews and written documents from the parents. The investigation found the allegations against the two teachers to be false. Besides, it is mentioned in the report that evidence of involvement in the incident of some other students including the accused students has been found.

It is mentioned in the report that some teachers of the institution are involved in the incident. Among them, 10 teachers have been mentioned in the report. The report mentions that such actions were taken to defame the accused teachers and fire them. At the same time, the report recommended taking institutional action and legal action against all the students and teachers involved in the incident. The report was submitted to the principal on June 5. Of the 10 teachers named in the report, four are also named in the GD.