Principal’s son’s marriage, employees ‘compulsory contribution’ 500 taka!

A notice has been given to the employees of the capital’s government Shaheed Suhrawardy College principal asking Rs 500 as a gift on his son’s wedding. All the employees of the college have been asked to deposit this amount by Friday (July 5).

This instruction was given in the order signed by the principal assistant of the college on June 24. The notice says, ‘For the information of all the employees of the college, the post-wedding reception of the Principal’s son has been organized on July 12 at 7 pm at the Officers’ Club on Bailey Road in the city. You are invited to the event.’

It is also said, ‘On this occasion, 500 taka is compulsorily given to all employees as a greeting gift of the college. Abul Hossain has been requested to submit by Friday, July 5.

If you want to know, the principal of Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardy College. Mohsin Kabir said, ‘I have invited everyone from the college to my son’s wedding. I didn’t know why they issued such a notice. After the matter came to my notice I asked the Head Assistant. He told me that when there is a function of someone in the college, they give a notice and give gifts like this.

The principal also said, ‘I have given the responsibility to the chief assistant and accountant of the college to invite all my colleagues with cards. Not asking for money like this. I am sorry for that.’